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  • Milshakes, burgers and fries

    It doesn't really matter how many New Age cuisine recipes pop up every year, the American culinary trilogy of milkshake, hamburger and fries will remain for ever the all-American meal of all times. Today you can on Ice (frozen banana milkshake), Slippery Slope (cherry milkshakes), Fuzzy Navel (peach milkshake), and Red Headed Sluts (grenadine milkshake) to enhance the perfect taste of a scrumptious hamburger and a handful of deliciously crunchy fries.

Welcome to Summer Shakes, Delicious Milkshakes and Smoothies.

Milkshakes always remind us of warm summer days, enjoying a perfect moment in the sun. It is a real pleasure to enjoy those vacations sunny days with a delicious, cold and fluffy milkshake... MMM...MMMILKSHAKE...

There are as many kinds of milkshakes as your imagination can make up. It is all about getting creative to look for the perfect mix for you. Everybody have their one taste for things and a favorite magic milkshakes flavor that gives pleasure to the tongue and senses.

Just preparing a cold milkshake can be enough of a happy moment to share in the hot holidays. Mixing new ingredients and trying new combinations is just part of the fun.

But let's talk about what is "technically" a milkshake. It is a sweet beverage made from milk, ice cream or iced milk, flavored or sweetened with different ingredients like fruit, chocolate, or other syrups, powders or others. The real thing is that a milkshake can be anything you get together in a blinder and make it a drinkable beverage, sweet, cold, delicious, creative and of course, milked.

Milkshakes are very popular all around he world, and are one of the favorite desserts or snacks. It is most often related to soda fountains, carnivals, pleasure food, summer time and vacation. But of course, some people like them so much that they can't resist the temptation of enjoying a milkshake even in a cold day.

If you don't like milk, there is no reason to stay away of this delicious deserts. Smoothies are the equivalent to milkshakes, but without milk or ice cream. They are made from blended fruits of all kinds, and in some cases with chocolate, peanut butter, honey or different syrups. They are as cold, delicious and fun as milkshakes.

Malted milkshakes include a bit of powder of malted barley, wheat flour and whole milk to give it a particular texture and a heavier consistence. They are very popular in the United Kingdom, and are also known as thick milkshakes. This shakes are very popular in New England and Canada.

Coffee frappe shakes are one of the favorites in Massachusetts and Rhode Island. This kind of milkshake includes coffee syrup and coffee ice cream, and a good bunch of ice to turn this popular hot drink into a cold tasty drink, perfect for coffee lovers in the summer.

One of the most delicious milkshakes and smoothies in the hole world are the delicious "batidos" you can find in different countries of Latin America. Batidos are prepared with the most delicious tropical fruits like mango, bananas, melon, pineapple, watermelon, papaya, and many other exotic fruits, just picked up from the tree. They have all the taste that the warm latin american sun gives. They can include milk or ice cream, but they are also delicious with just a bit of water. The fruits are so sweet and delicious, that you don't need to add sugar which is great for your health! A good natural batido is actually a super healthy drink that fills you up with energy to enjoy the beauties and the sun of Latin America.

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