Chocolate Milkshake - A Classic Always On Top

You probably didn’t know that the term milkshake was first used in the late 1880s when they would mix whiskey and eggs and other ingredients to make a tasty beverage they would serve as a treat. However, in the early 1900s the term milkshake had nothing to do with alcohol at all: it referred to a cold drink made of milk and ice cream and chocolate or fruit syrup and you could buy it at every malt shop. In the beginning they would make them by hand and it was not the same thing: the consistence was different and they were hardly as smooth as today. But the real boom of milkshakes was the invention of the electric blender in the ‘20s. The chocolate milkshake was the top preference everywhere: in malt shops and in people’s homes. Of course there were other popular milkshakes such as strawberry, cherry, peach and so on and so forth, but the chocolate milkshake ruled. Chocolate milkshake recipes are not at all complicated and they can be put into practice in no time even by the clumsiest person around kitchen wear. Here is a classic recipe of chocolate milkshake. What you need in order to do chocolate milkshakes is a cup of milk, two or three chocolate ice cream scoops and some chocolate syrup for the topping and maybe some whipped cream and chocolate flakes to put on top.

Put the cold milk into the blender and add the three scoops of ice cream inside as well. Maybe you would like to add some extra instant chocolate powder or some chocolate flakes. Some people like to have that in the blended milkshake , not only on top. Mix well until the composition is smoothed and pour in a glass. Add the whipped cream on top and some chocolate topping syrup. Maybe you want to add the chocolate flakes as well.

Also, some people like to add extra sugar in their milkshake , but what you should take into consideration is that the ice cream is already sweet.