Milkshake Recipes, Tasty Milkshakes

Milkshakes are delicious creamy drinks made with ice cream, milk, flavors and fruit. These great refreshing drinks are served in restaurants and bars and can be prepared using a blender and them mixing the ingredients together by hand or with a shaker. Anyone can make milkshakes at home very easily with the added bonus of concocting their own recipe.

The chocolate milkshake is probably the most popular one of all. All it takes to create a tasty milkshake like this is a cup of milk or less, some chocolate flavored syrup and chocolate ice cream. The milk and syrup go in a blender where they are mixed together for a few seconds. The ice cream is added after this and the best way to complete the drink is to blend at low speed until the whole thing looks really smooth. At this point it is ready to be poured into a glass.

The vanilla milkshake is the next favorite of many. The process is as simple as with the chocolate version of the drink. Milk and vanilla ice cream are placed in a blender or a shaker for 30 to 60 seconds, depending on the method and it’s ready for drinking after the concoction becomes smooth enough to pour into a cup or glass.

Fruit milkshakes are the preferred option for a lot of people. Strawberry milkshakes are tasty sweet, berry milkshakes and cherry milkshakes are bitter-sweet and the banana milkshake gives a wonderful tropical taste. The process is always the same: milk, flavored ice cream, syrup are placed into a blender or shaker and blended until ready.

However, different milkshake recipes exist depending on individual taste. Sometimes the ice cream is dropped altogether and replaced with ice, chopped fruit or yogurt and mixed together well with the milk. Low fat yogurt is used for those who want to skip the calories of ice cream and skim milk lowers them as well. Sugar free ice cream and syrups are also great ideas for both low fat milkshakes and milkshakes for diabetics.